Dual Vet 8kW Table


Key Features:

  • High performance 8kW Generator
  • 40-150 kVP 100mA 0.1-10s
  • Dual Focal Spot- 0.6 and 2.8mm
  • Fixed Column, 4 Way floating Tabletop.
  • Fixed grid, 43 x 43 bucky tray

Flexibility and power

Fixed or Portable, you choose!

With the option to use this in a normal fixed setup or turn it into a portable generator, the Dual Vet offers the flexibility for your practices needs.

Unmatched Power

The Sedecal Dual Vet is the only portable X-ray Generator on the market offering an 8kW powered option. The more power you have in your generator, the bigger range of X-rays you are going to be able to take. A must when wanting to diagnose larger patients!

CR or DR Detector? It’s got you Covered!

Whether you want to use your Existing CR Image Developer or looking to upgrade to a flat panel DR system, the Dual Vet has you covered.

The only Dual-Focus Portable

You won’t find another portable unit on the market with the ability to do dual focus. With a 0.6/2.8 mm focus, you will have a greater range of outputs allowing for finer bone details.

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