Equine X-ray Package



  • 17×17″ Wireless DR Imaging Plate
  • 8kW Portable X-ray Generator with Portable stand and case
  • Dell Workstation Laptop for image viewing
  • Internal DR plate Image storage of 1300 images.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport

Your Complete Equine Solution

Unmatched Power

The Sedecal Portable x-ray offers an 8kW powered option. The more power you have in your generator, the bigger range of X-rays you are going to be able to take. A must when diagnosing larger animals in the field.

Superb Image Quality

The detectors high Detector Quantum Efficiency (DQE) achieves superb image quality with lower patient dosages. With a 127 ㎛ pixel Pitch and Cesium-Iodide Scintillator, the Rayence DR Solution is a top of the range quality product for your practice.

Tough inside and out

With an incredible capacity to hold 300kg the Rayence DR plate can truly pack a punch! It also is manufactured with a shock, vibration and scratch0resistant carbon fibre composition it will be as durable as they come. Along with its Water resistant rating of IP66 this power house will work hard for you to keep going for years to come!

Say goodbye to developing X-rays, hello to instant images!

The days are long gone of you having to manually process your X-ray Images. With imaging in under 2 seconds, your workplace won’t know what to do with all its spare time! 

Easy to use Imaging Software

With its specifically designed imaging software, image viewing and diagnostics has never been easier.