Rayence 1717 Wired Flat Panel Detector – Medical


  • Fixed installation
  • Large coverage
  • Instant x-rays for immediate diagnosis
  • Superb Image quality
  • Low dose with short exposure
  • Integrated user-friendly software
  • Provided with desktop and large touchscreen or laptop
  • 30 month warranty


The Rayence 1717 Wired Digital Flat Panel Detector provides superb image quality at a great price point. The Rayence 1717 Wired Detector provides exceptional diagnostic image quality in the x-ray room.

  • Ideal for fixed installations
  • Large 17×17 inch active area
  • Ideal for CR cassette replacement

Improved workflow

The 1717 S-Series is constructed with Rayence’s auto-trigger signal sensing technology, removing the need for generator integration. Immediate diagnosis is possible with the 1.5 second preview time, and efficiency is improved by removing the additional steps required with using film or CR.

Instant x-rays for immediate diagnosis

With an image preview in under 2 seconds you are able to diagnose immediately, helping you get the best possible results for your patients and contributing to a more efficient clinic. Digital storage of these images also makes future reference quick and easy.

Superb Image Quality

The detectors high Detector Quantum Efficiency (DQE) achieves superb image quality with low patient dose.

Integrated software package

Each plate we supply comes with included Xmaru Pro software package. This is an all inclusive imaging software package that is operator friendly, easy to navigate and has an incredible list of features.

  • PACS integration
  • DICOM file management