Sedecal Portable Generator


Key Features:

  • High performance 5/8kW Generator
  • 40-150 kVP 100mA 0.1-10s
  • Dual Focal Spot- 0.6 and 2.8mm
  • Digital indicator of the selection for kVp and mAs parameters
  • Automatic Programming (APR) with 20 editable positions

Lightweight power

Lightweight and easy to move

The Sedecal 5/8kW is an incredibly light 15kg making transport a breeze! With optional Mosquito foldable stand and portable hard case, the Sedecal Portable make to perfect movable system for your mobile needs.

Unmatched Power

The Sedecal Portable is the only portable X-ray Generator on the market offering an 8kW powered option. The more power you have in your generator, the bigger range of X-rays you are going to be able to take. A must when wanting to diagnose larger patients!

The only Dual-Focus Portable

You won’t find another portable unit on the market with the ability to do dual focus. With a 0.6/2.8 mm focus, you will have a greater range of outputs allowing for finer bone details.

CR or DR Detector? It’s got you Covered!

Whether you want to use your Existing CR Image Developer or looking to upgrade to a flat panel DR system, the Sedecal Portable has you covered.

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