Soniclean Digital Benchtop Ultrasonic Cleaner

So Easy, So Fast & So Clean:

  • Available in many sizes
  • User friendly digital touch controls
  • Maximum efficiency independent of water levels
  • Selectable power levels
  • Real time digital display
  • Drain as standard on all models
  • Safety alarms
  • Soniclean is a South Australian company

Soniclean Ultrasonic Cleaners

Effective medical grade cleaners

Soniclan ultrasonic cleaners are completely sealed to IP67. Their streamlined design, fits stringent Clean Room environment requirements. The pulsed broadband ultrasonic frequencies achieve optimum cleaning results using adaptive pulse swept power.


The Soniclean machines offer a complete range of programmable features via their intelligent key-pads and provide real-time data on their digital displays.

Founded and developed in Australia

Soniclean® was founded and developed in Australia, yet is a globally outreaching and inclusive company. It has keen interest in serving both the local and international communities, as well as individuals looking for an effective ultrasonic cleaning apparatus, for their cleaning and processing needs. Soniclean® is committed to saving resources and minimising waste; Soniclean® ’s green technology reduces the use of chemicals, water and power, and offers valuable time savings.