Sonoscape ProPet 70 Ultrasound

Stunning images within reach, the ProPet 70 combines the latest intelligence veterinary software and single crystal probe technology to deliver exceptional images.

Key Features:

  • Superior image quality
  • 23.8In LED Monitor
  • 13.3In Tilting Touchscreen with 15° rotation
  • 5 probe sockets
  • Specialty transducers for veterinary
  • 200+ veterinary body marks
  • 120+ Veterinary annotations
  • 20+ Species
  • Auto optimisation
  • Auto trace (automatic calculation)
  • Height adjustable
  • Built-in high capacity battery

ProPet 70 Delivers exceptional Images

The ProPet 70 combines the latest intelligence veterinary software and single-crystal probe technology to deliver exceptional images, defining the subtlest pathology, from Great Danes to tiny exotics and significantly better clinical outcomes.

Small animal solutions

Feline, small to medium sized canine and exotic small animals:

  • Superficial and musculoskeletal
    • Vis-Needle (enhanced needle visualisation reveals the needle location)
    • MQA (precise left ventricular wall motion detection)
    • Micro F (distinguishes minute flow from overlaying tissue movement effectively)
    • Strain Elastography (real time tissue assessment displayed as a colour map to detect potential abnormalities within normal tissues)
  • Abdomen and reproduction
  • Cardiology

Large animal solutions

Big sized canine, equine, farm animals and exotic big animals:

  • Musculoskeletal and Tendon
  • Reproduction
  • Abdomen
  • Cardiology


View the ultrasound image on your smart devices. Sono drop provides a fast and convenient ultrasound image transfer between ultrasound machine and smart devices.


Guides clinicians through the entire exam and provides customisable abdomen and cardiac scanning templates helping streamline workflow while increasing standardisation.


Makes it possible to connect ultrasound with smart devices, laptop or even another ultrasound system in a remote distance and perform remote medical consultation and tutorial.

Dedicated veterinary transducers

ProPet 70 transducers cover all possible veterinary examinations and species. Specifically tailored transducers are also available for transrectal reproduction, ovum pick-up scanning, tendons and ligaments scan, TEE cardiac and even laparoscopic scanning.

Specialised software for veterinary care

The ProPet 70 is designed for veterinarians. The vet-dedicated software enables intuitive operation and accurate diagnosis.

  • Dedicated animal patient information input interface
  • Professional veterinary measurement and report

Professional veterinary measurement and report

Covers a full range of applications such as; reproduction, cardiac and MSK, providing tools to the users needs including Cornell and BSA animal specific formulas.

Comprehensive veterinary bodymarks and annotations

200+ veterinary bodymarks and 120+ veterinary annotations including small animals, equine, farm animals, lab animals and exotic animals with more than 20 species.

User definable animal classification

Select the animal type and corresponding exam icon specific to your application.