Stephanix Chiroplus


Key Features:

  • High performance 32/40/50kW Generator ( Single phase and 3 phase options)
  • 125kV, 500mA max settings
  • Ralco Collimator with Rotation, LED and laser alignment
  • Toshiba 7242X X-ray Tube (0.6mm/1.5mm Focal Spot)
  • Wall Bucky with removable grid
  • Existing CR Retrofit & DR Flat Panel Plate integration

Full Chiropractic Solution 

Compact and simple design

The Chiroplus is specifically made for the Chiropractic market and its design is exceptional. The system is quick and easy to install and provides an instant solution for your X-ray needs.

The Ultimate Chiropractic Powerhouse

The Chiroplus gives you the full flexibility to perform to your X-ray setup needs. The top performance model being a 50kW 3 Phase Generator. With the options of 32/40/50kW generators and either single or 3 phase integration.

CR or DR Detector? It’s got you Covered!

Whether you want to use your Existing CR Image Developer or looking to upgrade to a flat panel DR system, the Stephanix Chiroplus has you covered.