Vatech EZSensor Vet


Incredible because:

  • Superior image obtained with CMOS technology
  • Sizes 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 available
  • Slim design for easy positioning
  • IP68 water and dust protection
  • Fiber optic cable connector
  • Integrated MyVet Dental Veterinary Specific Imaging Software

Innovation to add value to your practice

Instant Dental Imaging

Long gone are the days of having to develop X-ray’s, wait for the image to be processed only to realise you have to retake the image. With the Vatech EZSensor welcome to the new world of technology with instant imaging with no manual processing.

Lower Your Costs

The days of having to manually develop X-rays is over. No longer do you need to spend countless funds on developing covers and plates constantly breaking. 80% reduction of time taken to process images will make your workplace even more efficient. The EZSensor is an all inclusive system, with IP68 water and dust protection.

Ultra Thin Comfort

With the Sensor’s rounded edge comfort is never an issue. The ultra slim design makes for ease of movement and procedure planning for the operator.

Diagnostic Software

Included with every sensor purchase, comes the MyVet Veterinary Dental Acquisition Software. This seamless software is second-to-none. With easy to read user interfaces, Intuitive GUI image acquisition and superior image comparisons views.