W&H Lina B-Class Autoclave


  • Type B and type S programs for enhanced safety and flexibility
  • ECO B cycle for maximum speed
  • Ease of use thanks to smart user interface and user-friendly menu structure
  • Unique upgradeability for customising and modernising the device according to your needs
  • Advanced traceability for complete documentation
  • Built-in USB datalogger for digital cycle documentation
  • Large 40cm chamber depth ideal for surgical processing

Incredible inside & outside

Incredible outside

You don’t need to be a lover of design to appreciate the new Lina sterilizers. Their smooth surfaces are comfortable to the touch, the instruments are easy to load and the flat colour screen displays allow you to navigate through the intelligent menu structure quickly and with ease.

Incredible inside

Discover the new W&H Lara sterilizers down to the smallest detail. So many components, perfectly arranged to offer you complete satisfaction by simplifying the sterilization process while providing you with comprehensive documentation. Unique upgradeability allows you to customise your new Lina sterilizer with your personal needs and to comply with regulatory requirements.

Large Instrument Capacity

With its large 22L capacity and 5 perforated tray system, the Lina will fit up to 4kg of instruments to save you doing multiple cycles.

Range of Fast Cycle Types

Lina Med is a type B sterilizer with the best cycle time in its category – about 10% faster than conventional cycles in this segment – thanks to cycle optimisation and high-quality components. Also providing both B-class and S-class cycles depending on your practices needs.

Instant Traceability

The Lina comes standard with USB data logging. With the options to add label or log printers, the Lina will cover you for all your data logging needs.