How Modbury Veterinary Clinic partnership with Medvet Concepts meant a higher quality service and more profitable results. 

For more than 35 years, Modbury Veterinary Clinic has served pets and their families in the community. Dr Tegan Hadley & Dr Chelsea Smith became the new owners in 2021, and as part of relocating to larger premises, took the opportunity to update the practice and its technology. 

A fresh start for Modbury Veterinary Clinic meant looking local 

 With Modbury Veterinary Clinic’s relocation, they decided to update their existing x-ray machine which was bulky, outdated and produced low quality images. 

 “It was a cassette-based machine which was pretty poor quality and frequently had problems, which we would have to troubleshoot ourselves,” says Dr Tegan.

“It’s important to us that we are known for high quality service, which means providing better assessment and faster treatment times. That meant we wanted something digital with really good image quality, that we could be proud to show clients when they came to the surgery. But when we looked into the overseas and interstate providers, we were worried about what support we’d receive if something malfunctioned.” Deciding to search locally, the practice owners approached Medvet Concepts. 

 When our equipment specialists Jordan Mandell and Domi Kozak met with Dr Tegan and Dr Chelsea, they could see their commitment to a thriving practice. They took the time to understand the quality of service Modbury Veterinary Clinic wanted to provide and their goals for the business. “Building a new surgery is a massive adventure and a substantial investment,” Jordan explains.

The industry is demanding specialists with quality images for strong diagnoses, and high quality x-ray images and a state of the art DR plate means you are more likely to diagnose issues correctly.

Jordan Mandell – Medvet Concepts Equipment Specialist

A Powerful Partnership

 Medvet Concepts carefully discussed with Modbury Veterinary Clinic their budget, their needs and the space available at the new location. “It’s vital we work with clients to create a solution specifically for them,” says equipment specialist Domi. “If they have an idea, we guide them through it and work together to bring their aspirations to life. We’re involved from the initial consultation to training, installation and support beyond. We start as strangers but leave as friends.” 

The vets chose the Neovet table and Rayence DR plate, which provides an instant image for immediate diagnosis, and the service included a shielding report from SA Radiation. 

They appreciated the support available from Medvet Concepts, which was evident from the first day. 

With Modbury Veterinary Clinic having to relocate the whole practice in one day, Medvet Concepts were there to help. “Medvet were amazing with the initial installation and helped us when we moved so we could be open the next day,” Dr Chelsea enthuses. 

Pictured: Neovet table
Pictured: DR Flat Panel Detectors

Clearer images, faster service times and better profitability 

Once using the X-Ray set up in its new location, the vets found the Neovet table very smooth to operate, saying “the difference from our old machine was unbelievable.” 

“The high quality x-ray image coming from the Rayence DR plate gave our clients the confidence that they were getting the best result for their patients, but that was far from the only benefit. 

“The software controlling the X-ray system is easy to use and very intuitive making, it effortless to operate. The image from the Rayence DR also comes up on the screen within seconds.” 

Using the old machinery at their practice, they had found it could take up to 45 minutes to produce an x-ray, thanks to the time it took to read the film, and manual calculations which would leave room for operator error. The ease of use of the new system means a set of complete images from start to finish can often be achieved in a couple of minutes, which is resulting in speedier results for patients, and more profitability for the clinic. 

“Faster results for patients means better service and peace of mind for our customers,” explains Dr Tegan. “Checkups that previously required the patient to wait around all day can now produce a clear, crisp image within seconds. Not only are diagnoses faster, we no longer always need to sedate patients to keep them still during the x-ray. This is especially important for critical patients and can mean a better outcome.”

Guidance every step of the way 

Medvet provided Modbury Veterinary Clinic with detailed training to use the machine, including a handbook with shortcuts. They have also been on-hand with instant phone support since the installation. “They’ve gone above and beyond for us, and we trust their opinion”, both Doctors agreed. 

Dr Tegan and Dr Chelsea say they’ve already recommended Medvet to another clinic based primarily on the customer service and quality of the product. Dr Tegan says, “When you consider everything included in the service and the time savings produced, working with Medvet Concepts was a highly cost-effective decision. 

“We found them to be really friendly and easy to deal with, and they are always there when we need them. I don’t think we would get that level of service with anyone else.” 

Your partners in practice success 

At Medvet Concepts, we understand that when you’re running a busy clinic, you won’t necessarily have the time to keep up with innovations in technology, so we want to bridge that gap for you. When you work with us, you’ll receive guidance to select the best solution for your practice, installation and compliance certification, staff training and ongoing service and support. We also provide equipment finance and surgery design to accommodate your new equipment. 

Featured Equipment

Neovet 20kW: 

  • High performance 20kW and 32kW Generator 
  • Easy to use touch screen selection 
  • Instant image for immediate diagnosis 
  • Integrates seamlessly with the Rayence DR plates 
  • 40-150 kVp, 320/400 mA and 0.1-10s X-ray Adjustment 
  • APR-Single Touch II 15″ Colour Touchscreen Display 
  • Full range of Animals with easy 3-step process 
  • Floating 4-way Table-top 
  • Table-top resistant to scratches and impact 
  • Extra powerful electromagnetic brakes 
  • Optional Removable Grid 

Rayence 17×17 Wired DR Plate: 

  • High resolution (127/140μm) 
  • Wired CsI:TI DR 17×17″ plate (15mm thickness) 
  • Full field of view 43cm x 43cm 
  • Ideal for table installations 
  • Superior Image Quality with low patient dose 
  • Lightweight at 4kg and easy to transport. 
  • IP66 water resistant 
  • Easy Sync AED (Auto Exposure Detection) 
  • Image preview in under 2 seconds 
  • Workstation PC with 24″ touchscreen monitor 
  • Integrated and easy to use Vet Software 
  • 3 Years warranty on DR plate 

Surgery Update 

Since this article’s publication, Dr. Tegan Hadley and Dr. Chelsea Smith have witnessed digital radiography’s positive impact on treatment quality and diagnostics. As a result, they have made a strategic decision to invest in state-of-the-art dental x-ray technology, thereby expanding their diagnostic capabilities significantly.