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As the hard-working heroes taking care of our animals, we know just how much vets are committed to the best possible outcome for their patients.

With rapid advancements in veterinary equipment, there are technologies to help you get even more improved results. Unfortunately, with most of your time dedicated to your patients, it can be challenging to understand, select and use these new technologies, which is where Medvet Concepts can help.

We support you with selecting the best equipment for your practice, then installing it, providing compliance testing, and remaining on-hand for technical help and advice.

X-Ray Solutions

With x-rays key to many diagnostic processes, it’s essential you have high quality equipment that will give you accurate results.

We supply only the best quality x-ray equipment that ensures faster, safer processes and high resolution images for animals of all sizes; in turn helping you get the best possible results for your patients and contributing to a more efficient clinic.

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Ultrasound Solutions

Stunning images are within reach with our range of veterinary ultrasound equipment. The veterinary range is designed for vets with dedicated veterinary software and transducers.
There are options for trolley or portable set ups.

Key to the diagnosis process, it is essential that you have high quality ultrasound equipment to provide accurate results. Our range of ultrasound equipment is specifically designed for veterinary application. The software is veterinary specific.

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Veterinary Products

Experience the difference with our trusted, state-of-the-art veterinary equipment