Product Description

Optimal positioning with a versatile design.

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Key features

  • High performance Generator
  • Floor mounted X-ray tube, floating table and wall stand bucky
  • Existing CR Retrofit & DR Flat Panel integration
  • Easy to use
  • Optional auto tracking features
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    Radiography versatility

    Multi Purpose set up

    This multi purpose x-ray room allows you to perform examinations with the flat panel detector inside the bucky, or outside for direct projections


    The column can move along the floor mounted rail, lateral by telescopic arm, and vertical (up and down the column) meaning you can get the optimal position for many types of examinations.

    Wall Bucky

    The wall bucky moves vertically to enable accurate positioning. The auto tracking feature (optional) synchronises the movement of the tube and wall bucky.

    Elevating table

    The height adjustable table can be elevated to the height of a stretcher for easier patient transfers.

    Compatibility with detectors

    The system is compatible with both CR and DR detectors.

    Frequently Asked Questions about this product

    Do you provide service and support?

    Yes, we service and support every product that we sell. We have a qualified technical team, fully equipped workshop, and a fleet of service vehicles. We also support you with installation and handover to make sure you are using your new products confidently from the beginning.

    Do you install the equipment?

    We provide installation and a comprehensive handover to train you and your staff how to use your new equipment.

    Do you offer compliance testing for x-rays?

    Yes we complete full compliance testing at installation, or when required. We will provide all the reports and information required, and comply to current regulations.

    I currently have a CR system, can the DR plate be used on the same system?

    Yes, this this system is compatible with both CR and DR plates. To be sure give us a call and we will be able to talk you through all the options, and determine whether your CR plates and set up is compatible.

    I’m purchasing as a government or corporate client, do you offer a better price for large quantity orders?

    Yes, we regularly work with government departments and corporate clients. The best way to get a price is to contact us for a chat and quote.