Vatech Green X12

Product Description

Speed, Quality, Predictability. The advanced 4-in-1 digital x-ray imaging system.

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Key features

  • Smart Focus: 1 scan, 5 images
  • One 12×8.5, Three 4×4 & One auto pano at the same time!
  • 4-in-1 Digital: Pano / CEPH / 3D CBCT / Model Scan
  • Multi FOV selection
  • Endo Mode with 0.05mm Voxel size
  • 3D model scan
  • 41 Layers panoramic images: Insight Pan
  • GREEN low patient dose
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    Innovative 3rd generation compressed sensing technology

    Vatech dramatically improves its image quality with much less artefact and noise via its Compressed Sensing Technology (CST), iterating its reconstruction process 10 times more than the normal amount to depict the object’s true representation.

    Advanced digital x-ray

    The Green X 12 is an advanced digital X-ray imaging system that incorporates pano, ceph (Optional), CBCT and model scan. It provides high quality images with lower radiation by combining image processing with Vatech’s extensive experience in the dental imaging field. This will improve your diagnostic accuracy, which will lead to increased treatment planning and patient satisfaction.

    Highest resolution with 0.05 mm voxel size

    With its 4cm x 4cm volume mode and 50 micron voxel size, the Endo mode will optimize treatment of highly-focused regions of interest. It is ideal for endodontic use because the dentist is able to achieve an extraordinary image in a high-resolution voxel size.

    One scan, two images

    One scan with the Green X 12 gives you a CT and Auto Pano image. This means that patients who require both images do not need to undergo two x-ray scans. Both images are displayed within the One Viewer feature.

    2D and 3D in one viewer

    Viewing 2D and 3D images together provides many benefits. There is no need to utilize two different software programs and the One Viewer feature presents a professional look for your patients. This layout helps patients better understand the images, which will eventually result in increasing acceptance rates.

    3D scanning for model

    3D model scan enables users to store plasters as digital models.

    Frequently Asked Questions about this product

    Do you provide service and support?

    Yes, we service and support every product that we sell. We have a qualified technical team, fully equipped workshop, and a fleet of service vehicles. We also support you with installation and handover to make sure you are using your new products confidently from the beginning.

    Do you install the equipment?

    We provide installation and a comprehensive handover to train you and your staff how to use your new equipment.

    Do you offer compliance testing for x-rays?

    Yes we complete full compliance testing at installation, or when required. We will provide all the reports and information required, and comply to current regulations.

    I’m purchasing as a government or corporate client, do you offer a better price for large quantity orders?

    Yes, we regularly work with government departments and corporate clients. The best way to get a price is to contact us for a chat and quote.