Product Description

Easy to use, minimal consumables and Instant images for immediate diagnosis. This sensor can increase your treatment options to your patients and add value to your practice.

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Key features

  • Superior image obtained with CMOS technology
  • Sizes 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 available
  • Slim design for easy positioning
  • IP68 water and dust protection
  • Fiber optic cable connector
  • Integrated MyVet Dental Veterinary Specific Imaging Software
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    Innovation to add value to your practice

    Instant Images

    With an image preview in under 2 seconds you are able to diagnose immediately, helping you get the best possible results for your patients and contributing to a more efficient clinic. If the image acquired is not in the correct position the plate (which is still in position) can be moved and image re-taken with ease.

    Digital Storage of images / Communication with pet owners

    Digital storage of the images makes it easy to show the pet owner the image and discuss recommended treatment. It also makes future reference quick and easy.

    Save time and money

    Images are instant and do not require manual processing. By efficiently capturing radiographs you have the potential to save valuable time during the week, ensuring that you can accommodate more patients without compromising the quality of care. In addition, consumable costs are minimal. The durable plastic sheath can be used for multiple images on the same animal, reducing the amount of consumables required and reducing waste.

    Ultra Thin Comfort

    The ultra slim design and rounded edge the sensor can easily be placed.

    Large range of sizes

    Available in sizes 1, 1.5 and 2. You can choose the size that best suits your dental needs.

    Diagnostic Software

    Included with every sensor purchase, comes the MyVet Veterinary Dental Acquisition Software. This seamless software is second-to-none. With easy to read user interfaces, Intuitive GUI image acquisition and superior image comparisons views.


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    Frequently Asked Questions about this product

    Do you provide service and support?

    Yes, we service and support every product that we sell. We have a qualified technical team, fully equipped workshop, and a fleet of service vehicles. We also support you with installation and handover to make sure you are using your new products confidently from the beginning.

    Do you install the equipment?

    We provide installation and a comprehensive handover to train you and your staff how to use your new equipment.

    Do you offer compliance testing for x-rays?

    Yes we complete full compliance testing at installation, or when required. We will provide all the reports and information required, and comply to current regulations.

    I’d like to try the system before deciding to purchase, do you offer trials on DR plates?

    Yes, we offer free trials on the Size 2 Digital Dental Sensor. A trial is really easy to arrange, and we provide all the training for your staff to make sure you get the most out of your trial. Trials are for 1 week.

    I’d like to see it before I purchase, is this possible?

    Yes, we have most of our equipment on display in our showroom, or if you’d like an in-clinic demonstration contact us to arrange a time. Can’t get to our showroom? we can hold a video meeting and can walk you through the product and answer any questions you may have.

    I’m purchasing as a government or corporate client, do you offer a better price for large quantity orders?

    Yes, we regularly work with government departments and corporate clients. The best way to get a price is to contact us for a chat and quote.